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Eric J. Henderson

Conversation Curator, Markets For Good

Markets For Good Feature In Alliance Magazine: “It’s All About Action”

05 Dec, 2012

Markets For Good was founded as an open and collaborative approach to understand how the social sector can better use data to improve outcomes and change lives. Specifically, we are focused on the infrastructure that defines the demand, supply, and quality of data: classifications, technical standards, protocols, knowledge platforms, and governance (oversight, rights, and protections.) In that light, we are glad to share Alliance magazine’s feature on Markets For Good, available here. The feature places emphasis on our overriding priorities: honest discussion and meaningful progress towards strengthening the information infrastructure for the social sector.

We are seeding the discussion with guest commentary from voices within the sector and beyond.  The balance of the conversation comes from you: please see the other blog posts here on the site and join the conversation by commenting on a post, or visit our Landscape page to learn about initiatives already underway around the sector and to add your own to the list. You can also keep up with Markets For Good on Twitter and Facebook.

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